Briquette. Iron and Steel Institute
Briquette. Iron and Steel Institute





Briquettes with typical shape and sizes can be produced from different materials: ores, metals, solid fuels, chemicals, industrial wastes with our briquetting roll presses. It will be pleasure for us to advise you the best way how your material can be formed into high quality briquettes.



                  Sizes of briquettes                                                      Typical shape for briquette is "Pelmen-form"


Type Sizes, mm Volume, cm3
R14 32.0x30.0x15.0 10...11
R17 40,0x38,5x18,5 19...20
R30 63,6x60,0x27,0 48...50

briquette pelmen-form



We have an experience of briquetting such raw materials:


briquette Cast_iron_filings


Cast-iron filings


briquette Kaolin_clay


Kaolin clay


briquette Wood_coal1




briquette Red_sludge


Red sludge


  1. Metallurgical slimes
  2. Tailings
  3. Mill scale
  4. Cast-iron filings
  5. Screenings of ferroalloys
  6. Ore concentrates (hematite, magnetite, manganese, ilmenite, etc.)
  7. Screenings of agglomerate and pellets
  8. Gas cleaning dust from metallurgical plants
  9. Small-sized coke
  10. Coal dust
  11. Lignite
  12. Stone coal
  13. Refractory materials (magnesium oxide, kaolin clay, etc.)
  14. Metallurgical fluxes (fluorite, limestone, etc.)
  15. Sodium Chloride
  16. Silicon carbide
  17. Agricultural fertilizers and other materials